Introduction of the Company

The company was established with the name "Polat Construction" by our father in 1966, and it started as the 80th taxpayers of Istanbul. ..

We have built 80 houses and companies. The company was converted to a stock business in 1991 and named as "Polat Construction and Consumption Goods Industry Business". In 2004, the company joined the medical marketing business and became one of the distributors of several products in 2006..

In 2011, the company launched the first factory of Turkey and Middle East in the business of "Healthy Life Products and Personal Therapy Appliances" by using the knowledge and experience in the field. As the company, our main goal is to help people improve their lives by using our products.


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  Ferhatpaşa Mah. Gazipaşa Cad. 51. Sok. No:50 Ataşehir - İstanbul - Turkey

   0216 660 06 24 - 444 33 95